Support Dire Wolves at Worlds 2018

You can now support the Wolfpack at Worlds in-game with exclusive Summoner Icons, Emotes and even a Chroma skin!

To view the bundles, simply Log into League, go to the STORE, click on the ESPORTS tab and search Dire Wolves.

Here’s a look at the Championship Kha’Zix Dire Wolves Chroma. 😍

And flash the shiny emote when you destroy the enemy nexus. 👌

The icons also give you a sweet DW tag in front of your name in-game to show off to your friends.

Loud and proud! Every time you get on the rift you’ll let everyone know just how much you support the Wolfpack. 🤗

The bundles are only available for the duration of the 2018 World Championship, so don’t miss out!