Wolfpack stays on TOP

 Today, LG Dire Wolves is excited to say, Ryan “Chippys” Short has re-signed to the League of Legends team.

Chippys joined the Wolfpack as the top laner in the second OPL split this year, following the retirement of Curtis “Sharp” Morgan. In his debut OPL weeks as a Dire Wolf, he had many standout performances on champions such as Trundle and Irelia, bringing a heavily carry oriented playstyle to the team. By the end of 2016 season, Chippys comfortably cemented himself as one of the best OPL top laners.

Ryan “Chippys” Short commented: “For the first time, I can say I have a roster around me that has a 100% chance of taking out the finals. It’s good to know you’re a part of the best roster OPL has ever produced. Combined with the resources that LG Dire Wolves provide will make it even easier for me to dominate the top lane and win through to the International WildCards and beyond.

As a result of this announcement the 2017 roster is as follows:

Ryan “Chippys” Short | Top
Calvin “k1ng” Truong | AD Carry
Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw | Support