Dire Wolves Welcomes Corporal

We’re excited to announce Ian ‘Corporal’ Pearse as our support for 2019!

Hailing from the OCS, Corporal joins us after a playoffs finish with Emprox and more recently, representing Team Queensland at League of Origin. Corporal is fresh out of High School having graduated just a few weeks ago.

After a comprehensive selection process, Corporal stood out to us a player who had character as well as the natural talent necessary to become a world class player. We have no doubt Corporal will be able achieve this given the right time and resources, especially at our new training facility within the SCG.

One of the things that impressed us about Corporal was how quickly he was able to pick up the support role while juggling OCS and his final year of High School. The question we asked ourselves was how good can he be when competing full time, supported by our staff and infrastructure. Corporal being young, combined with his positive mindset and eagerness to improve made him a perfect fit for our focus on player development in the coming season.” – Nathan ‘Rippii’ Mott

It feels surreal to be signing with the best team in OPL history after just one split of the OCS. In saying this, I’m confident in my ability to improve as player and compete at the highest level of competition. I’m also fortunate to be surrounded by a team who is just as hungry as myself and excited to grow next to them. I’m grateful for everyone who put their faith in me in 2018 and I will do my best as now a professional player.” – Ian ‘Corporal’ Pearse

*Corporal’s signing is pending League approval