We are hiring: LoL Analyst

As of tonight, Dire Wolves are holding an open application process for individuals (or groups, if you’re so inclined) who are, were or aspire to be an analyst. To make it very clear, this is a volunteer position and will, of course, be remote.

Currently, our team has one person who is operating as both a coach and analyst. Moving forward, we’d like to specialise into specific areas and bring on an extra pair of hands, who similarly, will be incredibly competent in select areas. 

Who are you?
You’re a passionate, devoted and hard-working individual. You have a penchant for the intricacies of the game, a love of research and a positive attitude. 

Key competencies (please only apply if you meet all or near-all criteria):
– Scouting: With OPL having 8 formidable sides, we’re looking for an individual who has the time and ability to go through opposing teams matches and review their gameplay. We need concise information on their style, their strengths, their weaknesses and everything in between. This requires statistical analysis/accompaniment for your findings; this is a skill we’ll develop together – so if it isn’t something you’re totally confident with, but prepared to improve, that’s fine.

– Match review: There will be some expectation to watch scrims and our OPL matches and provide succinct and declarative information (also including stats) on our games. This will include areas like warding patterns, level 1s, lane successes, objective control, mid-late game decision making and stylistic approaches to situations.

– Researcher: While, as a team, we keep our eyes and ears peeled for developments in other scenes, teams and regions, we don’t want to miss anything. If you notice a trend coming into play in another major region, be it a composition, champion, rune/mastery optimisation or item builds and whatever else you can pick up on; we want to know. Providing relevant information on how/why it’s good and in what situations is critical. 

– Champion select and level 1s: Tying in with the afore-outlined scouting, this should help you develop a plan for upcoming matches. You’ll be able to provide insight into what works against other teams; what works well for us and manipulate our strengths to defeat our opponents. 

– Communicative and malleable: On top of being a capable individual, we’re looking for someone who can grow with the team. We’re highly uninterested in people who are stuck in their ways or dislike to compromise. Being open and constructive are critical; we’re only interested in applicants who are prepared to grow and shape themselves into the perfect fit for the team. 

– Presentation: For all of the above, we hope you’ll be capable of presenting information, feedback and data in appropriate formats (presentations, documents, spreadsheets). We’re not searching for a graphics designer, but if you can present your information in an attractive and digestible manner, we’ll have much greater efficiency. 

How to apply:
If you believe the above sounds like you, please email jobs@direwolves.gg with the following:
– Basic information: Name, age, location, contact details, education and life situation.
– Up to 3 examples of previous (RELEVANT) work – this can be published or unpublished analytical work; stats work; documents etc
– Prior experience (if any) – note, we’re open to accepting applications from new analysts, but experience is obviously a positive factor.
– A short essay (under 1000 words) on Dire Wolves: Our play, our flaws, areas we are good/bad at AND discuss one area in particular and how you’d be able to impact/improve it. 

Depending on the volume of applicants, we’ll endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible. Successful applicants will be taken to an interview stage where we will discuss further.