Udysof Promoted to Dire Wolves

Today we announce the final member and jungler of our 2019 lineup, Toby ‘Udysof’ Horne!

Yet another example of the success of our talent development pathway, Udysof is no stranger to the Wolfpack, beginning his competitive journey as a Dire Cub earlier this year. He is the third member of Dire Cubs with experience at a major international tournament, having joined BioPanther in competing at Worlds 2018 and Getback who came to MSI as our substitute.

Having just a weeks notice after being notified he will be substituting for Shernfire, Udysof was able to stay composed and handle the pressure of the World stage. He went on to assist the team in winning our first game against Infinity and was able to hold his own versus EDG against Clearlove in the jungle.

Udysof signing his Dire Wolves contract.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of the Dire Wolves as the starting jungler for 2019. I’ve got big shoes to fill now that Shernfire’s gone, but after my performance at Worlds I know that I’ll be able exceed all expectations set for me in 2019. I’m also extremely excited to team up with my original Dire Cubs solo laners in Getback and Biopanther.” – Toby ‘Udysof’ Horne

‘’When we first looked at Udysof for Dire Cubs, he was sitting at Diamond IV on the ranked ladder. Why we selected him over other candidates was his ability to communicate well, his high level of intelligence and his eagerness to learn. While focusing initially on what needs to be achieved in OPL, this squad has been developed over an extended period of time as part of our organisation’s vision to have success on the international stage.” – Nathan ‘Rippii’ Mott