Top 3 Jungle Champions Patch 9.3

In this post I’ll cover the 3 jungle champions I think you should be playing on Patch 9.3 to climb the ranks.

I’ll go over my recommended Build, Skill Order and Runes to give you the best results. Will also include the ideal starting jungle path and a few quick tips.


Starting Jungle Path

Blue→ Gromp→ Scuttle→ Wolves → Raptors→ Red→ Krugs

Quick Tips

  1. Ensure you kite camps with your Q and auto attacks to keep healthy in the Jungle
  2. Remember to toggle your E on and off to not waste mana
  3. Focus on what’s going on around the map so you can get those low health kill with your R


Starting Jungle Path

Red → Krugs → Raptors → Wolves → Blue → Gromp → Scuttle

Quick Tips

  1. Use Kayn E to travel between camps for faster clear and more healing
  2. Q into thick walls to speed up your Q animation
  3. Use E to creatively reach and flank enemy carries in fights



Red → Krugs → Wraiths → Wolves → Blue → Gromp → Scuttle

3 Tips

  1. When clearing your camps smite only when you are really low to ensure you utilize the increased attack speed
  2. Look for solo dragon takes at level 4 with double buffs
  3. Look to invade and counter jungle as you win nearly all 1v1’s