Sybol Joins the Pack

With the Oceanic Pro League returning on the 25th of this month, our League of Legends team has seen a small change prior to the commencement of the second split. In our pursuit of excellence, we’ve found the need to fine-tune our roster to give us the greatest possible chance for success.

In light of this, we’ve released Luchio ‘SoulStrikes’ Park. We’d like to thank SoulStrikes for his time and effort with the team; he came to us in a difficult time and helped keep us on track for a successful first split.

To fill his shoes, we’ve enlisted Lachlan ‘Sybol’ Civil to fill the jungle position, currently holding two spots in the top 20 of Challenger and previously playing for Qlimax Crew and, more recently, Legacy Genesis. Upon joining the pack, he had the following to say: “I’m extremely excited and honoured to receive an offer from the Dire Wolves and will do my absolute best to further the team’s success.

Coach and manager, Jish, echoed his thoughts. “Sybol is a very talented individual. His performance thus far has impressed both myself and the team, we’re excited and lucky to have him join the organisation. With the second split just around the corner, fielding the strongest possible roster is simply mandatory at this point. For any concerned fans, we’re very aware that roster changes can raise question or concern, but we hope you’ll continue to support us — we’re all ecstatic to showcase how far we’ve come, and how much further we’re prepared to go.

Show Sybol support via his twitter, @Syb0l, and stay tuned as we prepare for our opening matches.