Shernfire OPL Competitive Ruling Statement

Shernfire has received a two week OPL suspension after an isolated incident in a solo queue game on the Korean server.

As a club, we have accepted the ruling by Riot Games and are internally working with Shernfire to prevent this from occurring again. Shernfire understands the higher expectations of being a professional, especially when granted an account by Riot for a foreign server with the purpose of improving as a player.

Despite Shern having a clean recent track record, we are working with him to bring about an increased awareness of in game behavioural expectations on him as a pro player. More broadly as a club, we’re proactively working with Riot Oceania and the other teams on systems to identify and support players having issues with in-game behaviour.

Some of the issues that need to be considered and addressed include player fatigue, mental well being and the stresses being placed upon young people in high intensity situations.

Aside from this situation we are confident in our preparation for the season ahead, commencing with the opening game of the season on Jan 20th. Having returned from South Korea and moved into our new training facility in the Esports High Performance Centre at the Sydney Cricket Ground, we continue to build towards our goal of being a globally competitive club, developing young people in the region.

As always we appreciate the support from our fans and members and look forward to kicking off the 2018 season.