Phantiks Retires

Today, it is with a heavy heart we announce the retirement of Richard ‘Phantiks’ Su from professional League of Legends.

Phantiks is one of the longest standing members of the squad, beginning his career with the Wolfpack in 2014. Starting out as a Top laner for the team under the alias ‘Perfection’, Richard transitioned back to his native role in the Mid lane in 2015, after a role swap with Curtis ‘Sharp’ Morgan. After this change, Richard would go on to have some of the best mid lane performances in the OPL, picking up the MVP award last Split. Richard’s outstanding work ethic and dedication to perfecting his craft has been a driving force to the success of the team over the years.

Despite stepping down, Richard will remain with the organisation as a sub and positional coach for the team. He will be using the experience he has gained over his time as a professional player to help develop up and coming players in Oceania.

Leaving behind big shoes to fill, LG Dire Wolves will now be accepting applications for the Mid lane position. We are looking for an ambitious, adaptable, driven team player who is up for a challenge and wanting to reach new heights.

“My decision to step away from professional play didn’t come easy, but I felt as though I was ready to move onto the next stage of my life. In saying this, I’m still deeply passionate about League of Legends and believe I can use my skills and knowledge to raise the standard of players in the OCE region. I’m excited to be staying on board with Dire Wolves and look forward to working with my replacement.” – Richard ‘Phantiks’ Su

Going from playing alongside Richard, to being his coach, we were able to share many memorable moments. He is someone I looked up to as an amateur player and still to this day inspires me with his impressive work ethic and dedication to the game.” – Coach Curtis Morgan

You can read Phantiks’ TwitLonger here