Today, LG Dire Wolves is excited to announce, Richard “Phantiks” Su has re-signed to the League of Legends team.

The longest standing member of the Wolfpack, Phantiks joined the squad in late 2014, months after its inception. Originally coming on board as LG Dire Wolves top laner, later swapping back to his native role in the mid lane, Phantiks was able to better utilise his exceptional mechanical skill and last hitting ability. On top of consistent OPL performances and holding rank 1 numerous times on the Challenger ladder, Phantiks has always been labelled as LG Dire Wolves star player.

Richard “Phantiks” Su commented: “I’m happy to be continuing the journey with LG Dire Wolves in my third OPL season. In the past, I’ve had distractions that limited me from displaying my true skill, however moving forward I’m ready and motivated as ever to give it my all. I look forward to bringing home successive OPL titles to the team and fans this year.”

As a result of this announcement the 2017 roster is as follows:

Ryan “Chippys” Short | Top
Lachlan “Sybol” Civil | Jungle
Richard “Phantiks” Su | Mid
Calvin “k1ng” Truong | AD Carry
Mitchell “Destiny” Shaw | Support

Stay tuned on our social media in the coming days for another exciting announcement!