Perfection and Sharp Role Swap

We’re pleased with our performance from the first game in Split 2 of OPL, hopefully we’ll only get bigger and better from here.

As you would’ve noticed, our roster underwent another change, on top of bringing Sybol into the lineup. Richard ‘Perfection‘ Su and Curtis ‘Sharp‘ Morgan have swapped roles, with Perfection returning to the mid lane and Sharp adventuring into the unchartered territories of the top lane.

Perfection is a storied mid laner, with experience stretching back into League of Legends beta. He peaked at 2.2k elo in Season 1 and has continually climbed to the top of Solo Queue as a mid laner. Although having an impressive performance as a top laner during PAX, as a substitute at the final minute, and in the first split of the OPL — he knew it wasn’t his home.

On the other hand, Sharp has remained an evolving and team-driven player, only ever wanting the best for the team. Due to his ability to quickly master new champions and play-styles, the team found merit in at least entertaining the idea of a role swap.

The team’s improvement and growth has been incredible over such a short period of time, but we’re not disillusioned of the road we still have to cover. We hope all of our fans trust us and continue to support us as we alter our path to the top for the second split of the Oceanic Professional League.