PAX Roster Update

Over the past week we’ve had intensified internal conflicts, which pertained to attitude and personality conflicts, however, they’ve recently resulted in Avindu ‘Magzilla’ Kalansuriya and Cameron ‘Charlie’ Thompson parting ways with the organisation.

Heading into PAX Australia, we’ve adjusted our roster to include our sub, Richard ‘Perfection’ Su and to bring our coach, Josh ‘Jish’ Carr-Hummerston onto the squad. We’re under no illusion that this will be a dramatic improvement or lasting remedy, but it’ll be a temporary solution to end what has been an amazing season for the team and Oceania as a whole.

To our fans, we’re sorry we cannot bring the strongest roster to the event, but we appreciate your endless support. We promise to come back bigger and better than ever before heading into the 2015 season.