Our Story

Dire Wolves Pty Ltd was founded in 2014 by Nathan "Rippii" Mott, a professional esports team based within Australia.

The inception of Dire Wolves revolved around the creation of a League of Legends squad formed by a bunch of mates to compete at the top of the Australian and New Zealand region.

Since the Dire Wolves has gone on to win multiple domestic titles, represented Oceania internationally on several occasions and is now a globally recognised brand.

Curtis and I in green room at Rift Rivals 2018 watching the team

It all started with two high school students from Melbourne

It was Spring of 2011 when Curtis would eavesdrop on a conversation I was having with my friends at our lockers about a new game called League of Legends. I hadn't spoken to Curtis very much at the time as he was higher up in the High School social hierarchy than I was.

Anyway, it turned out he played too and that was enough for us to connect and start playing together.

We came from two different gaming backgrounds - myself MMO's (World of Warcaft and Guild Wars 2) and Curtis who played FPS games such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty but League was the game that we both enjoyed as we had never played the MOBA genre before.

Vs Team Immunity in Regional finals qualifiers 

Forming the first Dire Wolves lineup

This was a time where Aussie players were playing on the NA servers on 200 ping, but Curtis would eventually start playing ranked games and managed to get to Diamond.


Curtis and I in green room at Rift Rivals 2018 watching the team

PAX Australia 2014

At Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre

Split 1 Grand Final in April

The Oceanic Pro League begins

Start of 2015

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