How Dire Wolves Went Undefeated For Over A Year

The OPL Grand Final is only 10 days out and the Wolfpack has finished a second perfect 10-0 split. To celebrate I’m going to take a look back on the highlights from each game of our undefeated streak of 25 series wins.

Here goes!

2017 OPL Split 2

Week 7 DW vs RGC 2-0 (05/08)

The highlight of this series has to be Chippys first ever penta-kill in the OPL on Jax. After a couple of solo kills by Chippys combined with ganks from Shern, we start Baron with an 8k gold lead and Regicide try to contest.

Week 8 DW vs ABS  2-0 (13/08)

What looks to just be a pick onto Jax with Ashe ult, the Wolves chase down Abyss which leads into a full team fight, and after 40 seconds we get the ACE.

Week 9 DW vs CHF 2-1 (20/08)

In what ends up a preview of the Grand Final, the highlight of this series is the team fight that broke open the game for the Wolves to win Game 3. Watch Destiny as he pops off in the player cam.

GRAND FINAL DW vs CHF 3-1 (02/09)

In this historic series, Destiny’s death sentence won the final fight and secured our spot at the League of Legends World Championship.

2018 OPL Split 1

Week 1 DW vs CHF 2-1 (20/01)

A rematch from last years Grand Final with several roster changes and two subs filling in. 38 minutes in and Chippys is 5/1/3 on Vlad. He see’s an opportunity to go on Kog’Maw and takes him down leading to Baron.

Week 2 DW vs SIN 2-0 (28/01)

The story of this series was all Praelus. After a stellar performance on Shyvana in Game 1 finishing 6/1/4, Game 2 is no different on the Eve with a perfect outplay at 10 mins.

Week 3 DW vs BMR 2-0 (04/02)

Triple flashes over the wall to deny the Baron steal by Jarvan, followed by a beautiful save from Cupcake.

Week 4 DW vs ORD 2-1 (11/02)

Triple pops off in Game 3 with a Quadra Kill on Corki after a fight breaks out in the bottom lane.

Week 5 DW vs BMR 2-0 (16/02)

SUPERWEEK! We face Bombers for the second time in the season and this time it’s an extremely slow game. We turn around an engagement near mid and the game ends with 6 kills total.

DW vs SIN 2-0 (18/02)

Triple absolutely styles all over SIN with some crisp Taliyah gameplay.

Week 6 DW vs LGC 2-1 (24/02)

A brutally close Game 3 almost put an end to our win streak. After a massive deficit, we kill Ryze at our inhibitor and stall out Legacy’s Baron long enough to out-scale.

Week 7 DW vs ORD 2-1 (04/03)

Once again Triple cleans up a team fight, with a 1v3 on ORDER’s back line that secures us the Baron.

Week 8 DW vs TTC 2-0 (11/03)

Game 1 is even until Tectonic attempt to trade top turret for bot and get run over by a hungry Wolfpack.

Week 9 DW vs AV 2-0 (17/03)

In our longest game of the season (57 minutes!!!!!!!!), we contest Elder Dragon where Shernfire clutch smites to win us the team fight.

Grand Final DW vs CHF 3-2 (01/04)

The Wolves are 7k gold down in Game 5 against a banner siege. We wait patiently for the right moment to engage in what could be the last team fight of the split. Shernfire elastic slingshots in and Triple gets off a massive Vlad ult, wiping out 3 members of the Chiefs.

2018 OPL Split 2

Week 1 DW vs ORD 2-1 (09/06)

BioPanther’s debut OPL game is an intense back and forth slugfest. At 46 minutes it comes down to an Elder Dragon contest. We make a pick on Ali and force his ult which, combined with a superb front to back team fight, picks us up Game 1.

Week 2 DW vs AV 2-1 (16/06)

Game 3 is all k1ng, with a very nice pick onto Nidalee for the shut down that gets us first Baron.

Week 3 DW vs TTC 2-0 (22/06)

Shernfire runs away with Game 1 on Nocturne finishing 7/0/8.

Week 4 DW vs LGC 2-0 (29/06)

In game 2, k1ng on Kai’Sa tears apart Legacy at Baron picking up 4 kills.

Week 5 DW vs CHF 2-0 (13/07)

Chiefs try to siege tier 2 mid tower, and it looks good for them, until BioPanther arrives and wipes out almost everyone on the Chiefs.

Week 6 DW vs BMR 2-1 (21/07)

After Bombers snagged themselves a Baron, the Wolfpack hunt down some out of position members and pick up 3 kills.

Week 7 DW vs MMM 2-0 (27/07)

Mammoth try to get a pick on k1ng, which leads into an absolute white wash turn around for the Wolfpack.

Week 8 DW vs TTC 2-0 (03/08)

Tectonic commit to an out of position Cupcake, which the Wolves turn against them to gain a massive advantage.

Week 9 DW vs AV 2-0 (10/08)

Triple goes into our jungle to find an over-extended Trundle and claim 3 early kills for the Wolfpack.

Week 10 DW vs ORD 2-1 (18/08)

Game 2 was once again all BioPanther’s Dr.Mundo, cleaning up one team fight that leads him to end the game 12/0/2.

The question now is will the Wolves finish off the year undefeated in the OPL Grand Final. Find out at the Melbourne Esports Open on September 2nd!

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