Launching new team Dire Wolves

Today we’re excited to announce the official launch of a new eSports organisation known as Dire Wolves. Dire Wolves was founded by former Team Dignitas jungler Rippii with the ambitions to be one of the major League of Legends teams in the Oceanic region. To make this possible, Rippii is joined by Charlie, previously from Curse, along with some of the finest solo queue talent in the region.

The roster is as follows:

Avindu “Magzilla” Kalansuriya (Top)
Nathan “Rippii” Mott (Jungle/Captain) 
Curtis “Sharp” Morgan (Mid)
Calvin “BEST AD” Truong (AD Carry)
Cameron “Charlie” Thompson (Support)

We are also joined by some dedicated staff to assist the team, along with growing the organisation. We are happy to welcome,

Josh “Jish” Carr-Hummerston (Head Coach)
Mitchell Atherton (Media/Art Director)
Cameron Russell (Marketing Manager)

With the CyberGamer Pro League on the horizon the team will be working hard to achieve their first major tournament results.

Hopefully, we can gain your support going into the rest of the year and the future.