k1ng on Preseason

I sat down with K1NG to discuss off-season and all things in between ahead of the 2018 OPL season.

How was the Korean bootcamp in the off-season?

The bootcamp in the off-season was really productive, although it was very tiring by the end of it. I played a large amount of solo queue before the bootcamp started, after this, I went to Busan and joined the team to scrim and work on team building exercises.

Difference between this past bootcamp and previous Korean bootcamp’s?

The main difference between the bootcamp’s was a focus on team cohesion. During this bootcamp, we worked a lot on meshing the team rather than an individual focus. I had a good time meeting the new team and scrimming. The sessions we had felt quite productive giving me a good feeling about our future growth.

What are your thoughts on how the team will perform in 2018?

With our new team members who were selected for their ability to work and grow in a team environment, I feel like we will be much more successful than last year.

How has it been with transitioning into the Esports High Performance Centre at the SCG from a gaming house?

It’s been surprisingly easy for me so far, I’ve been able to wake up early every day as opposed to what I did in the former gaming house. The EHPC is a great resource that I feel blessed to have. You can really only understand the advantage it gives once you experience it.

What are your predictions for the first game of the season against Chiefs?

I’m confident in our solo laner’s ability to match up against their opposition. It’s hard to predict due to there being two unknown subs as variables but I think we’ll get the win in the end.

What’s changed for yourself from 2017 to 2018?

In 2017 I was very much a more passive and supportive teammate often taking a utility role and accepting whatever was given to me. In 2018 I plan to be a lot more demanding when the situation calls for it, but still be able to take a back seat when I need to.

You can catch our first match of 2018 THIS SATURDAY 2:00PM AEDT at twitch.tv/opl