Introducing new Jungler SoulStrikes

It’s with a little trepidation, but a lot of excitement that we’re able to announce our new jungler, Luchio “Soulstrikes” Park.

Soulstrikes caught the eye of our players from solo queue as well as competing in the Open League with his previous team.

The team and organisation had decided, if we wish to perform at our peak, to change our starting jungler. Rippii will be stepping down to a substitute position, taking on a more serious and active role as the owner of Dire Wolves. His outlook is positive and priority is to build Dire Wolves into a multi-faceted eSports organisation and drive it further into the Oceanic scene.

Jish, the head coach of Dire Wolves, had the following to say:

Whilst this wasn’t an easy decision to make, I strongly believe that this change to our roster will benefit the League of Legends squad as well as the organisation as a whole. During the off season I’ve defined the approach and style of our team that we will take coming into the first split of OPL. Rippii’s style focused more on a carry-oriented approach, whereby he plays relatively greedily in his gank pathing and farming, leaving the team to fend for themselves more often that I like. Soulstrikes, on the other hand, assesses situations from a supportive view, focusing on establishing leads in lanes and providing early pressure. We believe that although tough, the decision was correct as well as necessary. We hope all of our fans will continue to support the team and have faith that we’ve made the right decision.