Dire Wolves qualify for Oceanic Regional Finals

ACL Day 1 started off with some heavy competitors facing up against each other in an attempt to take the easy route through the Winner’s Bracket. Dire Wolves knocking Immunity down to the losers bracket, whilst AV defeated Plantronics NV in a similar fashion, with both of these teams heading to the Winners bracket final to be played on Day 2.

Avant-Garde and Dire Wolves played a fierce best of 3 in the Winner’s Final to see who would be promoted to the Grand Final. In a very tight game 3, both Nexus were opened right up in a 50+ minute game which saw AV crawl through a close game to grasp a win. Dire Wolves, however, made a clean recovery with a very clean 2-0 against the Loser Bracket Finalists “The Professionals”.

Thus a rematch was in order between these two Powerhouse teams. AV continued to be on top form gaining an early 2-0 lead in the Best of 5 series, putting some serious pressure on the throats of the Dire Wolves. However, a truly strong team will be able to perform under pressure, and Captain Rippii and the wolves of MagzillaSharpCharlie and Chuffer picked up their game to swing back a 3-2 victory.

As winners of the ACL Online Tournament, Dire Wolves are now the 3rd team to secure their spot in the Oceanic Regional Finals by Riot Games, joined by Chiefsand Oceania’s Wildcard, Legacy eSports This tournament holds a $60,000 Prize pool, with the Round of 8 flying the participants to either Sydney’s EB Expo, or Auckland’s Armageddon for their respective LAN tournaments. Top 4 Finals are held at PAX Australia.

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