Dire Wolves Off Season Announcement

Dire Wolves has led the Oceanic League of Legends scene for several years now. As an organisation, Dire Wolves has always been at the forefront of innovation and developing the next generation of talent.

This year we expanded our operations to a 10 man OPL roster, expanded our coaching staff with two separate team houses in Sydney and used the Esports High Performance Centre in the SCG precinct as our training facility. In Split 2, we brought over two LCK calibre players to support our Oceanic talent.  While new talent was successfully developed, we still did not reach our goals within the timeline of the season.  However, the ongoing vision of the orginasation to be globally competitive remains.

Today, we’re excited to welcome Ben ‘Kai’ Stewart who will be taking on both the General Manager and Head Coach positions. Ben has an extensive background in the League of Legends professional scene working with LEC/EU Masters teams, OPL’s Avant Gaming and more recently taking our Dire Cubs team to champions of the OCS in 2019. He has also been working alongside Dire Wolves staff and management across the last couple of months ensuring a smooth transition.

As a result, both Nathan “Rippii’’ Mott and Head Coach Curtis Morgan will be focusing on their passion of teaching players across the broader LoL community and shifting their focus away from the professional scene. 

“I am really excited to be taking on this new position. After working with Dire Wolves for a while now, seeing how Curtis was able to win four back to back championships has taught me a lot and my goal now will be to somehow top that. It’s great to be working with the Dire Wolves management as we try innovative methods to bring esports to the forefront.” Ben ‘Kai’ Stewart

‘’I brought on Kai to lead the OCS team and he delivered with the Dire Cubs taking first place. Seeing Kai’s coaching first hand with the players, gives me the utmost confidence that he will be able to take Dire Wolves to a whole new level.’’ – Coach Curtis Morgan

It’s been an incredible 5 year journey for Curtis and I starting Dire Wolves from humble beginnings. I’m excited and confident about the off season changes and hope to see the Wolfpack back on the international stage in 2020.” – Nathan ‘Rippii’ Mott