Dire Wolves advance to PAX AUS 2014

As exciting as it was for the entire team to finally meet one another at our first offline event, nerves were high and anticipation was written across everyone’s faces. This would be a massive event for the team and no one was taking it lightly. After our disappointing defeat on Saturday to Team Immunity, we were able to fight back through the Lower Bracket against Zero in order to schedule a coveted rematch against Immunity to decide who wouldtake the second spot at PAX.Thankfully, the team played an incredible series and were able to take the match 2-0. A massive congratulations and GGWP to Team Immunity, who put up a tought fight and played terrific games, despite falling short of their aims. Alongside The Chiefs, Dire Wolves have secured a seeding at Riot’s Round of 4 in Melbourne. Thank you very much to anyone and everyone who came out to supports us and to those who watched from home. We look forward to meeting even more of you in Melbourne!