Dire Wolves 2015 Season Roster

All has been a little quiet on the Dire Wolves front as the season winds down. We’ve had an incredible 2014 and cannot wait to bounce back even harder for everything that lies ahead. 

However, we’re posting this now – as early as we’re able to – in order to keep transparent and try communicate to you guys.

For the 2015 Season, our new line up will be as follows:
Richard “Perfection” Su (Top)
Nathan “Rippii” Mott (Jungle)
Curtis “Sharp” Morgan (Mid)
Calvin “BEST AD” Truong (Marksman)
Trevor “ChuffeR” Lao (Support)

The notable changes are keeping Perfection, who proved incredibly valuable at a moments notice and performed exceptionally at PAX. BESTAD, who was on the team’s original roster, comes of age to compete in time for next year’s events and has potent and raw talent we’re excited to incorporate within our team. Finally, ChuffeR has changed roles and is taking a new home in the support role, in order to use his experience and knowledge to guide and lead the team – an area we previously struggled with. 

A final change is that we’ve brought on a new manager, Marco “ShoTzz” Mantarro, who will help relieve players of menial tasks and act as a voice of reason and conciliation wherever necessary.

We’re confident in our new roster and cannot wait to deliver!