Dire Cubs Team Announcement

At Dire Wolves we have a mission to achieve three things over the next three years. Compete at the very highest level at Worlds, make the sport ever more inclusive by continually encouraging and supporting new talent and to increasingly professionalise League of Legends and Esports in general.

The development of Dire Cubs is an integral part of our strategy to achieve these objectives and 2019 marks the second year of the Dire Cubs competing in the OCS. Much like traditional sports teams have junior squads, Dire Cubs is a platform for us to train emerging young players and act as a recruitment pathway for the Dire Wolves so that we can continue to grow as a team.

As per our announcement regarding the changes in Split 2 we will be moving to a 10 man roster ensuring the continued development of the Split 1 rookie Dire Wolves roster, while blending in players with the experience required to reach our 3rd consecutive Word Championships and improve our international results.

The Week 1 Dire Cubs 2019 roster is as follows:

  • Samuel ‘Kweku’ Eyeson-Annan – Top
  • Toby ‘Udysof’ Horne – Jungle
  • Jarod ‘Getback’ Tucker – Mid
  • Andrew ‘Anderu’ Baihn – ADC
  • Ian ‘Corporal’ Pearse – Support
  • Dragon ‘Dragku’ Guo – Substitute

The team will also be joined by support staff:

  • Ben ‘Kai’ Stewart – Head Coach
  • Ricky ‘Rickai’ Yavits – Assistant Coach
  • Hannah ‘Obesius’ Brown – Team Manager

The OCS season kicks off tomorrow night with Dire Cubs first match against UTS Esports 5:45PM AEDT.

This announcement will be followed by exciting roster announcements regarding the Dire Wolves in the coming week, so stay tuned!