Dire Cubs Roster Announcement

Today, we’re excited to announce the players and staff of our League of Legends Academy team, Dire Cubs competing in the upcoming 2018 Oceanic Challenger Series.

Dire Cubs 2018 roster:
Top Lane – Brandon ‘BioPanther’ Alexander
Jungle – Toby ‘UDYSOF’ Horne
Mid Lane – Jarod ‘Getback’ Tucker
AD Carry – Robert ‘Katsurii’ Gouv
Support – Sean ‘Johnson’ Roberts
Substitute – David ‘Rookieqq’ Wu

Most of these players have experience in competitive League of Legends and have played in the Oceanic Open Ladder with the exception of UDYSOF who is determined to prove himself on the rift for the first time.

The players will also be assisted by our new support staff:
Coach – Simon ‘Sype Nav’ Earl
Team Manager – Hannah ‘Obesius’ Brown

Sype Nav has plentiful experience in coaching League of Legends teams at all levels of play. He has worked in the OPL as head coach for Abyss Esports and in the OCS for Team Noxide.

Our aim is to nurture the talent and develop skills in these young players to help them achieve their dream of a professional esports career. Dire Cubs will have many opportunities for development such Getback’s recent international tour with us at MSI 2018, access to Dire Wolves training facilities such as the SCG Esports High Performance Centre and coaching staff from our OPL team.” – Nathan ‘Rippii‘ Mott, Founder and CEO

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the players and staff into the WOLFPACK community.