Cupcake Joins the Wolfpack

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest member of the Wolfpack, Andy ‘Cupcake’ Van Der Vyver.

After coming to a buyout agreement with Legacy Esports for the remainder of his contract, Andy will be joining us as our Support for the 2018 OPL – Oceanic Pro League season.

Before Andy’s OPL career, he was travelling the world as a competitive tennis player, representing New Zealand on a number of occasions as well as acquiring 16 national titles.   After closing that chapter, he decided to set his sights on League of Legends, making the OPL Grand Final earlier this year as our opponent in his rookie split.

In 2018, LG Dire Wolves will again be raising the bar when it comes to structured training and learning processes.  Our key recruitment criteria has been to identify candidates who can thrive in this environment.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to join Oceania’s leading team. Speaking to Dire Wolves staff and players, the club’s goals were very much aligned with my own. With the new SCG training facility, investment in performance staff and international experience, I’m excited with what we can achieve.” – Andy ‘Cupcake’ Van Der Vyver

In searching for our new support, we were looking for an individual that has the hunger for continual self improvement while striving for excellence, at the same time embracing uniqueness as an Oceanic player. Andy ticks all the boxes from a performance and developmental standpoint, and his traditional sports background has clearly contributed to this. I am looking forward to bringing out the best in Andy as we work alongside each other in the upcoming OPL Season.” – Coach Curtis ‘Sharp’ Morgan

*Andy’s signing is currently pending approval from the OPL