ChuffeR Joins the Pack

The Dire Wolves are proud to announce their newest addition to the team. With Calvin “BEST AD” Truong being underage, hence unable to competein the upcoming Riot Regional Finals, we have decided  to pick up Trevor “ChuffeR” Lao.

ChuffeR is a fairly well known player around the Oceanic league of legends scene, playing on teams such Your Soul shall ChuffeR and recently represented his university team, UTS at the Riot Winter Regional. 
Having made the transition from mid lane, ChuffeR is relatively new to the marksman position, regardless he has shown amazing potential taking games off a lot of the scene’s veteran Marksman players.

ChuffeR’s comment on joining the Wolves:
I’m glad Dire wolves has opened their doors for me, BEST AD was an amazingly talented marksman and it’s going to be an incrediblefeat to fill his shoes. I’m really eager to get better as the team evolves and hopefully upset a few top teams when we qualify for the Oceanic Regional!

We would like to welcome ChuffeR to the team and look forward to playing with him in future events.

You can follow ChuffeR via Twitter