Chippys Renews Contract for 2018

Here at LG Dire Wolves, we are pleased to announce Ryan ‘Chippys’ Short has renewed his contract for the 2018 OPL – Oceanic Pro League season!

After what was a disappointing result in the Split 2 semi-finals last year, Chippys became highly focused on perfecting his craft as a Top Laner in 2017, resulting in a successful season with the team domestically.

Ryan demonstrates the characteristics of a growth mindset which has been a major factor in his ability to learn and master difficult concepts quickly. In 2018, Ryan will be working towards learning the skills required to step up as a leader figure within the team. With the guidance of Performance Director, Jonathan Brown and Coach Curtis Morgan, Ryan is confident in his ability to make a name for Oceania on the World Stage.

I thought winning both splits of OPL would satisfy me, but this year has made me realise that it’s not enough and how much I want to perform internationally. Failing to backup my words at Worlds has further motivated me to work with my teammates to become a World Class player and get the international results Dire Wolves are striving for.” – Ryan ‘Chippys’ Short

Chippys has been a player that never ceases to amaze me with his natural ability to pick up new concepts extremely fast. Chippys’ relentless drive to win combined with his ambitious goal is inspiring and I’m looking forward to continue working with him in 2018.” – Coach Curtis ‘Sharp’ Morgan

Chippys will be heading to Korea with k1ng at the end of this month to join Shernfire for an extended off season boot camp.

*Ryan’s signing is currently pending approval from the OPL.