Apply for Dire Cubs 2019

With the 2019 OCS season kicking off in May, we will be starting the process of assembling our development squad, Dire Cubs and future OPL players.

January of last year we launched Dire Cubs and entered our first season of the Oceanic Challenger Series. Here are just some of the highlights/achievements from that season:

  • Getback joined us in Berlin, Germany as our sub for MSI 2018
  • BioPanther is promoted to Dire Wolves two weeks into OCS
  • Katsurii attends Rift Rivals as sub with Dire Wolves
  • Udysof is picked up by Tectonic OPL
  • OCS Semi-final finish 3rd/4th place
  • Udysof subbed in for our first two games of Worlds 2018 in Seoul, Korea
  • Getback and Udysof promoted to Dire Wolves for 2019
  • Topoon recruited by Mammoth OPL for 2019
  • Yuzuki recruited by Legacy OPL for 2019 (however it was recently announced he would not be playing due to personal reasons)

We’re excited to build off the above accomplishments in 2019 by bringing what we learned in our first season to our new squad with Coach Curtis at the helm as Director of Performance.

We strongly encourage any player Diamond IV or higher to apply. It is important to state we’re not necessarily looking for the current best available players, but players who we believe can put in the work and take it to the next level under our coaching and leadership.

If you’re seeking a challenge or have dreams of one day becoming a professional player then we want to hear from you!

*We will be accepting applications for all roles

Applications close Thursday Feb 7th