League of Legends

League of Legends
  • Chippys

    Originally debuting in the OPL as Dire Wolves substitute in 2015, Chippys searched for a starting position elsewhere for the beginning of the 2016 season. Now re-uniting with the wolf pack, Chippys is hungry to prove himself as the best top laner in the region....Read More

  • Sybol

    Sybol hovered around the challenger scene before being acquired by the wolves last year. Now a highly respected jungler amongst his OPL peers, Sybol brings the ability to carry and support his team-mates when need be....Read More

  • Phantiks

    A seasoned veteran of the Oceanic region, Phantiks joined Dire Wolves as the top laner in late 2014. Switching roles with Sharp in 2015 allowed him to better utilize his exceptional mechanical skill and last hitting ability. Phantiks currently holds the number one spot on the Challenger ladder and is widely known as Dire Wolves star player. ...Read More