• Laney Steps Down 1

    Laney Steps Down

    As Smite’s second season comes to a close, we will be going through some further changes following the addition of Maxen “Maxen” Williams.

    Sun 31st Jan 2016 - 7:00pmRead More


    The 2016 season is less than two weeks away, DW LoL will be debuting with new faces in the bottom lane.

    Thu 7th Jan 2016 - 7:00pmRead More
  • Maxen Joins the Pack 1

    Maxen Joins the Pack

    ollowing a subpar performance at the recent Regional Finals, DW.Smite will be going into next season with a new face in the jungle.

    Thu 5th Nov 2015 - 6:00pmRead More
  • We're Hiring 1

    We're Hiring

    Dire Wolves is growing and we are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about eSports for the following positions (paid/volunteer):

    Fri 11th Sep 2015 - 9:00amRead More
  • DW.CS:GO Departs 12

    DW.CS:GO Departs

    It is with a heavy heart that today we will be releasing our CS:GO division.

    Wed 29th Jul 2015 - 8:00pmRead More
  • Dire Wolves partner with Twitch 4

    Dire Wolves partner with…

    We are very happy to officially announce our partnership with Twitch!

    Tue 21st Jul 2015 - 10:00amRead More
  • ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical - The Choice of DW.CS:GO 9

    ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical…

    The official mouse of Dire Wolves Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

    Tue 7th Jul 2015 - 8:00amRead More
  • NADA Joins the Pack 5

    NADA Joins the Pack

    As some of you may know, Trevor "ChuffeR" Lao made the decision part ways with our League of Legends team as of last week.

    Wed 1st Jul 2015 - 3:00amRead More
  • Perfection and Sharp Role Swap 6

    Perfection and Sharp Role…

    Richard 'Perfection' Su and Curtis 'Sharp' Morgan have swapped roles, with Perfection returning to the mid lane and Sharp adventuring into the unchartered…

    Mon 25th May 2015 - 9:30pmRead More
  • Sybol Joins the Pack 4

    Sybol Joins the Pack

    With the Oceanic Pro League returning on the 25th of this month, our League of Legends team has seen a small change...

    Wed 13th May 2015 - 10:30amRead More
  • Announcing Dire Wolves Smite Division 1

    Announcing Dire Wolves…

    We are proud to announce the acquisition of Australia’s Premier Smite team “Slap N Tickle”!

    Wed 6th May 2015 - 11:00amRead More
  • We are hiring: LoL Analyst 2

    We are hiring: LoL Analyst

    Dire Wolves are looking for an analyst for our League of Legends team. Click "READ MORE" to find out more information and how to apply. 

    Wed 18th Mar 2015 - 10:30amRead More
  • Dire Wolves partner with ROCCAT 2

    Dire Wolves partner with…

    Here at Dire Wolves we are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with ROCCAT!  

    Tue 3rd Mar 2015 - 5:00amRead More
  • Dire Wolves step into CS:GO 6

    Dire Wolves step into…

    Here at Dire Wolves we are happy to announce our expansion into Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

    Tue 3rd Feb 2015 - 8:00amRead More
  • Introducing new Jungler, SoulStrikes 3

    Introducing new Jungler,…

    It’s with a little trepidation, but a lot of excitement that we’re able to announce our new starting jungler Luchio “Soulstrikes” Park!

    Fri 9th Jan 2015 - 7:30amRead More
  • 2015 Season Roster 22

    2015 Season Roster

    All has been a little quiet on the Dire Wolves front as the season winds down....

    Fri 21st Nov 2014 - 7:00amRead More
  • PAX Roster Update 4

    PAX Roster Update

    It’s with a heavy heart we have to announce a late, but disappointingly necessary, roster swap heading into PAXAUS.

    Tue 28th Oct 2014 - 6:00amRead More
  • Dire Wolves advance to PAX AUS 5

    Dire Wolves advance to…

    The Dire Wolves defeat Team Immunity and Zero, qualifying for PAX Australia alongside Chiefs!

    Sun 5th Oct 2014 - 6:30amRead More
  • The Wolves head to EB Expo 2014 1

    The Wolves head to EB…

    The Riot Oceanic Regional Finals RO8 begin next weekend at EB Expo, where the Wolves will battle for their spot at PAX!

    Sun 28th Sep 2014 - 9:30amRead More
  • Dire Wolves qualify for Oceanic Regional Finals 2

    Dire Wolves qualify for…

    With a 3-2 victory over Avant Garde in the ACL Pro Online Round 4, Dire Wolves qualify for the Riot Oceanic Regional Finals!

    Sun 31st Aug 2014 - 11:30amRead More